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310 drivers illegally parked in disabled parking spots, police says

A total of 310 drivers parked illegally in disabled parking spots between January 14-20, police said in an announcement on Monday.

During the week-long campaign, police conducted a campaign against illegal parking.

They said they found 1,417 parking violations, of which 333 were about parking on pavements or pedestrian zones and 317 about parking on double yellow lines.

Police said that a total of 1471 drivers were booked for illegal parking during a week long road safety campaign targeting illegal parking and particularly parking in spots reserved for the disabled.

The campaign aimed to raise awareness among drivers about parking in disabled sports. It also targeted those who parked in a way which obstructs people with mobility problems from getting around. Special emphasis was given to town centres.

“Our main aim is to cultivate awareness among everyone that parking spots reserved for the disabled should be used exclusively by them,” police said.

Meanwhile, police on Monday launched a new week-long road safety campaign focusing on seat belts and child seats.


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