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300,000 Trees in Nicosia in call for volunteers

An open call for volunteers has gone out from 300,000 Trees in Nicosia, a citizens’ initiative that aims to mobilise and exert pressure on local authorities, the Department of Forests, Universities and other institutions to implement a massive tree planting programme.

“We are thankful to everyone who participated actively and made possible the planting of 4652 trees in an outstanding short period of October 2019 -January 2020,” the group said on Facebook.

And they added: “Because we are growing so fast, we have reached the stage of needing a much solid structure in order to be able to continue the project. One of the key actors in our structure will be a number of dedicated volunteers which are ready to give up some of their free time in order to help with the project. The aim is to move forward faster and better towards a positive social and environmental change.”

At this first stage of this call, 300,000 Trees in Nicosia are looking for individuals with an interest in community-oriented and socially engaged practices, and not only.

“Volunteers from any backgrounds are more than welcome to apply for this position. In exchange for your precious participation we offer a certificate of participation at the end of the events or workshops,” they said.

“The scientific community agrees that reforestation can help fight climate change, soil erosion and disinfection, as well as drastically reduce temperatures in urban areas. We do not wish to watch inert as the phenomenon of climate change destroys our natural environment and makes life on the island unsustainable,” the group said.

Deadline to apply:  February 3, 2020

Earlier this week the group said that nearly 5,000 trees, hundreds of seedballs and a number of Oak tree seeds have been planted in Nicosia in the last six months, after it launched project to combat climate change and make the capital greener, inspiring people across Cyprus to follow suit.

All trees have been arranged to be watered and pruned for the next three to four years and a  number of native seeds have also been thrown by airplane.

Islandwide, a little under 100,000 trees have been planted in the same period by various initiatives including 300,000 Trees in Nicosia.

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