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3 children per 10 sq metres under hygiene protocol for kindergartens


There can be a maximum of three children per 10 square metres in classrooms when kindergartens reopen on June 9 and children must bring their own food and drink, the Health Ministry has clarified.

The spacing rule is among the requirements set out in the health and safety protocol for the operation of nurseries and kindergartens that have been published by the ministry aiming to protect children and their families and employees from the spread of coronavirus.

The ministry said that the hygiene protocol for primary schools applies, but with adaptations that take into consideration issues such as the age of the children and the size of classes at nurseries.

Specifically the protocol says:

  • Three children per 10 square metres in every classroom
  • Sign at the gate reminding parents/ guardians regarding the hygiene protocol and the way the school is regulating pick up and arrival of children
  • Constant monitoring of children during washing and drying of hands (before and after eating and whenever necessary). Hand sanitizer should be out of reach of children when these are not being used
  • Constant monitoring of children when using bathroom (avoid crowding, proper washing and drying of hands)
  • Children brings their own food and water from home. The food and fruit must be ready for consumption without wrapping and cut, so that kindergarten teachers or aides will not need to intervene. Food should be placed in individual, closed containers and should not require refrigeration. Water must be in personal flasks/bottles
  • Tables/desks and other equipment used by children must be disinfected after use by each child.
  • Provision must be made so that children have their own chair and place at the desk (marked) and their own material (writing material, playdough etc)
  • Teachers must make sure that during activities at the desks and during breakfast children sit diagonally (two children per table). Similar arrangements regarding chairs and tables should be made for all aspect of the day’s programme.
  • In the event that teaching centres are used (eg music) all the appropriate measures must be taken

Kindergartens, special schools open on June 9



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