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28 year old in custody for extortion

A 28 year old Greek Cypriot was on Saturday remanded in custody for eight days in connection with 15 criminal offences, including extortion and forcing another man to sell drugs.
Ioannis Soteriades, head of Limassol police’s criminal investigation department said the offences under investigation were committed between 2016 and 2018.
He said that police had obtained written testimony from a 26 year old that he had borrowed a sum of money from the suspect who had forced him to sell drugs to others.
Police searched three premises connected with the suspect and found a gun, a small amount of cannabis,  3,750 euro in cash as well CCTV that were recording a public area.
Soteriades said police were investigating  total of 15 offences including loan sharking, blackmail, kidnap, possession and trafficking of drugs, possession of a fire arm without a permit and money laundering.

The suspect denies any involvement and is not cooperating with police. Soteriades added that the man was known to police which was working to build up a case to prosecute.




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