NewsLocal28-year-old arrested for taking illegal migrants from buffer zone

28-year-old arrested for taking illegal migrants from buffer zone

The Police yesterday arrested a 28-year-old in relation to a case under investigation which involves the assistance for illegal entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

Specifically, after evaluating relevant information, members of the Larnaca Police stopped a car moving on a road of the Larnaca district for check. The 28-year-old was driving the vehicle and in it were three foreigners aged, 15, 16, and 20, who, as ascertained had entered Cyprus illegally.

It seems that the 28-year-old had undertaken to receive the illegal migrants from a point in the buffer zone. The three foreigners told the policemen that while in their country they had paid someone 2,000 euros to arrange their transfer to Cyprus.

The 28-year-old has been arrested and the three foreigners were transferred to a Center Hosting Refugees.

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