NewsLocal27-year-old sentenced to prison for clashes in Limassol

27-year-old sentenced to prison for clashes in Limassol

The Limassol Assizes yesterday sentenced a 27-year-old Lebanese mone to six years in prison, for a shooting incident in the heart of Limassol in August 2020.

The man had been arrested last November in the occupied areas and had been surrendered to the Authorities of the Republic. He had confessed to the crime.

According to the fact of the case, the Lebanese was asked by his brother to come to his barber shop because two Syrians had threatened him. The Lebanese man went to the barber shop where the two Syrians arrived with clubs. The Lebanese was carrying a gun which he used against one of the Syrians who kicked the Lebanese man’s brother.

The Syrian was injured for not seriously.

The court pointed out the seriousness of the case but took into consideration the fact that the Lebanese acted in defense of his brother and that he was provoked by the Syrians.

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