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25 people fooled by a scam investment plan

The Limassol CID will investigate the bank accounts that the two suspects, a 55-year-old and his 39-year-old wife, maintain in other countries. The two have been arrested for a supposedly investment plan and seem to have received 500,000 euros from 25 victims.

The Court has ordered their imprisonment for eight days.

Interrogated, the 55-year-old gave some explanations that are being investigated and claimed that facts are not as they are presented. On the other hand, his wife refuses any involvement in the case.

The first victim who filed a complaint was a doctor who was treating the wife. The husband was introduced as the director of a company offering financial services and recommended to the doctor an investment plan. He told him he could invest any amount he wanted and would have 7% profit. The doctor gave him 4,000 euros and signed a contract. He was even told that he could upgrade and earn more by introducing other people and this is what he did.

Until 31 March 2020, all investors were receiving monthly amounts in proportion to their investment but in April 2020 the payments stopped. Following pressure, the suspect made some payments.

In June the doctor met a person who was working in the same building as the so-called company of the accused. It was then revealed that the man had never worked in the said company nor did the company have any investment plans. At that point the investors realized they had been fooled and filed a complaint with the police.

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