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24 killed on Cyprus’ roads since start of 2018

Twenty four people have died on the island’s roads in 22 fatal accidents since the start of the year, the latest involving a 29 year old biker who was killed in Nicosia on Sunday.
Bikers account for nearly half the victims, with four of them — aged 23, 33, 18 and 29, killed in the last few weeks. In 2017, 14 bikers died on the roads. Ten were killed in 2016, 12 in 2015, and 14 in 2013.

In the past ten years, there have been some 600 road fatalities, 245 of them in the period 2013 to 2017.

In total,  44 people were killed on the roads in 2013, 45 in 2015, 57 in 2016 and 53 in 2017.

Cyprus’ fatal accidents statistics make for stark reading. In 2008, a total of 82 people were killed in 79 accidents,  while in 2009 there were 64 fatal accidents which cost the life of 81. In 2010 there were 56 accidents with 60 dead, in 2011 there were 67 accidents with 71 fatalities and in 2012 there were 51 fatalities in as many accidents.

Police have expressed concern that despite road safety campaigns, dangerous driving was continuing to lead to loss of  life.

A week-long road safety campaign targeting bikers gets underway today, focusing on dangerous driving, speeding and wearing helmets.

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