NewsLocal24 coronavirus patients at the Famagusta reference hospital

24 coronavirus patients at the Famagusta reference hospital

Nine more coronavirus patients have been admitted to the Famagusta hospital, the reference institution for confirmed cases, raising the number to 24.

According to CNA sources, more admissions are expected this evening.

Five patients are being treated in the Increased Care Unit, with one in critical condition, following a worsening of his condition. The rest of the patients are showing mild symptoms.

A diagnostic centre has been operating on a pilot basis at the hospital since yesterday, with results also being sent to the Institute of Neurology and Genetics for confirmation.

According to the hospitals’ Scientific Director Amalia Hadjiyianni, isolation is the most difficult part of the process for patients and psychological support is provided where necessary.

A donation of one thousand face masks was made today by the Women of Famagusta refugee association.

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