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235,000 doctors’ visits in first five weeks of GHS

In the five weeks since the launch of the general health scheme (GHS), there were more than 235,000 visits to personal and specialist doctors, the Health Insurance Organisation said on Wednesday.

It said that the doctors members of the scheme had issued 157,306 prescriptions for pharmaceuticals and 131,081 referrals for lab tests.

According to the HIO since June 1 when the GHS was launched, there were 190,373 visits to personal doctors and 46,986 to specialist doctors.

A total of 637,000 beneficiaries and 1,159 doctors have so far registered with the GHS — 384 personal doctors for adults, 123 paediatricians and 652 specialist doctors of whom 216 from the private sector.

Moreover, 476 pharmacies, 146 labs and 15 X ray centres have signed on.

The HIO said it was continuing to closely monitor the implementation of the GHS and to address any problems that may arise so as to ensure the quickest possible upgrades and corrections to the IT system.


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