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234 drivers test positive for drugs since January

A total of 234 drivers have tested positive for drugs since January 25 when narcotests were introduced, highlighting the risks posed on the roads.

According to figures published in Phileleftheros on Tuesday, as part of police’s targeted campaign, of the 313 drivers stopped, 224 tested positive for drugs while 10 refused to give a saliva test.

This means two out of three drivers stopped had used drugs, showing that traffic police act on the basis of certain criteria – such as the drivers’ behaviour when stopped, their eyes, if they refuse to cooperate and if their car smells of drugs.

Most of the drivers tested positive were in Limassol and Paphos districts. In Limassol of the 67 drivers tested 58 were positive, while one driver refused to give a sample. In Paphos, 69 drivers were tested and 58 were positive. In  Nicosia 25 drivers tested positive while two refused to give a sample  In Larnaca of the 53  tested 22 were positive, while in the free Famagusta area there were 24 checks, of whom 16 were positive. In the Morphou area there were 12 checks of whom four were positive and four refused to give a sample. Finally traffic police from police  HQ   carried out 51 checks of whom 42 were positive and three refused to give a sample.

Phileleftheros said police were concerned because whereas in the first five months since the introduction of the law, 144 had tested positive, with another 90 testing positive in the sixth month.

According to State Lab tests the drugs involved were mostly cannabis, cocaine and synthetic drugs.


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