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2022 budget set to be approved after government secures Diko-Dipa vote

The government seems to have sealed a painless political compromise on the 2022 state budget which is expected to be approved later on Friday now that centre Diko will vote in favour. Along with Dipa – Diko’s splinter party.

The three parties number enough MPs to secure 30 votes in favour, one above the 29 required to pass the budget.

When taking the stand on Wednesday – first day of the budget debate – ruling right-wing Disy leader Averof Neophytou strongly attacked left-wing main opposition Akel whose leader slammed the government’s economic policies.

Neophytou referred to the left-wing Christofias administration which he blamed for everything that led to the financial crisis of 2012-13.

Neophytou diligently avoided attacking any other party, although those of the opposition had criticized the government for a number of issues as well.

Diko, applying practices of previous years – with the exception of last year – had sent a letter to the Minister of Finance a few days ago with six requests for additions to the budget. These cost about €65 million.

Diko lader Nicolas Papadopoulos disclosed on Thursday that all six requests had been accepted by the government.

As for Dipa leader Marios Garoyian sent the message when taking the stand that where the party agrees it will support government positions and where it disagrees it will proceed with elaborated counter-proposals.

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