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2022-2028 action plan on reducing waste production in Cyprus

The Agriculture and Environment Ministry has drafted an action plan aiming towards the decrease of the island’s per capita production of municipal waste which reached 609 kg in 2020. This is the fifth highest among EU member states.

The 2022-2028 action plan includes strategic rules and factors to be taken into account, available resources, obligations towards the EU and the current state of play in Cyprus.

Also, predictions for future waste production and  targets that should be achieved, as well as specific measures to be implemented to prevent accumulation.

Philenews also reports that the plan defines the framework of the actions and measures to be implemented in the next six years with the aim of preventing the production of waste.

Insiders said tourism is an important factor in waste production in the holiday island, but – nonetheless – an integrated approach to the management of all municipal waste throughout the Republic needs to be implemented.

The action plan also focuses on prevention, re-use, separate collection, recycling and rational disposition of waste.




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