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2019 budget: One in three euro spent on state payroll

One in three euro of the state budget or a total of  €2.76  billion — will be spent on civil servants’ salaries in 2019, Phileleftheros reported on Wednesday.

It said that the increase from €2.63 billion in 2018 was due to COLA and pay increments.

According to the 2019 state budget submitted to parliament yesterday, personnel will receive an additional €82.97 m of which €338,000 for state officials, €74.25 m for employees and €8.38 million for hourly staff,

Pensions will be up by €26.04 m to total €675.79 m. Social benefits are up €7.6 m to €966.15 m.

Tax revenue is up,  with tax revenue from employees rising by 15.22% to €499.50 m , in part because of an improved job market.  But the self employed will contribute  20.59% less at  €27 m.

An improved business climate will translate into a 7.24% rise in revenue from corporate tax which will total  €815 m. The Finance Ministry also anticipates more activity in the property sector  with capital gains revenue expected to rise by 7.11% to €149.73 m.

VAT revenue will rise by 3.21% to €2,24 b while revenue from consumer taxes will be up by 3.75%  to €691.75 m.


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