NewsLocal20 year old burglary suspect arrested after car chase

20 year old burglary suspect arrested after car chase

Police have arrested a 20 year old man suspected of involvement in a spate of burglaries in Limassol.

They said that at around 6.20 am on Thursday, a stolen vehicle was spotted in Larnaca. On arrival of the police a young man got in and sped off,  pursued by police.

At some point, within the British Bases at Dhekelia, the man collided with a patrol car. The driver got out and attempted to run off but was arrested on suspicion of accepting stolen goods.

A police officer who sustained light injuries from the collision was taken to Larnaca Hospital for first aid and discharged.

Police said the 20 year old was wanted for six thefts and robberies committed in Limassol between May 14 and July 16.

He is in custody as Limassol police investigate.


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