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20 state officials to receive new limos in 2019

The Transport Ministry has sent MPs a list of the 20 state officials who will receive new limousines in 2019.

The Ministry said the new cars were deemed necessary as old state-owned limousines will be withdrawn, while new ones will be ordered for the newly created shipping and tourism deputy ministries.

The vehicles of the following state officials will be replaced:

  • House President
  • Supreme Court President
  • Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court
  • 11 permanent secretaries of Ministries and the House
  • President of the Commission for the Protection of Competition
  • Environment Commissioner
  • Volunteering and NGOs Commissioner

The Ministry said that except for the limousine used by the House President, which was registered in 2012 and that of the President of the Supreme Court, which was registered in 2010, all other limousines were registered between 2006-2008.

It said that due to their age, the maintenance of the limos is highly costly. Additionally, they have high fuel consumption and high levels of air pollutant emissions.

The 20 new limousines will have 2000 cc engines and their emission levels will be less than 145 gr/km.

The Ministry of Finance requested a fund of 3.5 million euro to buy a number of state vehicles, including the limousines, which are expected to cost around €700,000.

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