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1974 Turkish invasion rape victims ‘forgotten’ by the State

It was a shock to the system for MPs to hear that a Greek Cypriot woman was raped 13 times by Turkish soldiers during the invasion of Cyprus back in 1974.

And that she was then thrown off the balcony of her occupied since then home. Yet, the State appears to have ‘forgotten’ or rather totally neglected her, Philenews reports.

This is one of the shocking humanitarian cases that the State had “totally neglected” up until 2014, head of the Pancyprian Association for the Rehabilitation of War Victims and the Disabled, Giorgos Groutides, told the House Refugees Committee on Tuesday.

The Association wants the State to be more supportive – especially financially – of war victims, especially raped women who have been emotionally and even physically  damaged.

Groutides also said the rehabilitation of these women has been carried out in a discreet way and that communication with them is difficult considering, many, are psychologically disturbed.

He also said there are women who were also wounded during the invasion and that, again, they receive no assistance from the State.

A State choosing to forget the plight of women victims of the war is not right, Groutides also said.

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