NewsLocal19 Monachus monachus monk seals in Cyprus

19 Monachus monachus monk seals in Cyprus

In total 4-5 Mediterranean monk seals (Monachus monachus) have been recently seen in the area of Agia Napa, while their number in the whole of Cyprus reaches 19.

Fishery Department official Melina Markou appealed to the public not to disturb them during this crucial period of their reproduction. She noted that citizens must not go to the area where the seals are since recently, several people have been seen going into the sea to get a video or photos.

She added that because the seal wants peace and quiet to give birth, in case it is constantly disturbed it will leave the area. Or after it will give birth it may abandon the baby which will die.

Melina Markou pointed out that if we want the seals to remain in the area we must respect the space they choose to give birth.

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