NewsLocalNot even one fine recorded by traffic cameras sent out yet

Not even one fine recorded by traffic cameras sent out yet

Traffic cameras in Cyprus began reporting violators since January 1 but not even one fine has been sent out yet, Philenews reports.

And all this as the implementation of the second phase of the island-wide system is due to come in effect on Tuesday – and last for six months.

Three months have passed since the day the cameras operated – first on a pilot phase with no fines issued.

The  contractor is obliged now to supply the state with another 20 fixed cameras and another 16 mobile ones.

However, the green light for the next phase will be given after first evaluating the first phase, insiders have said.

The delay observed in sending out the fines has led to the  accumulation of violations since the cameras continue to record them on a daily basis.

An insider said the delay is due to procedural obstacles and that the first out-of-court settlements will be sent out before the month’s end.

The €34 million project has Cyprus Police feeling confident the re-introduction of speed cameras will help reduce road accident-related deaths.

The third and final phase sees an additional 66 cameras in the following 12 months.


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