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182 offences as a result of road policing in January

Police said on Sunday that 182 offences/ cases were dealt with as a result of road policing between January 1 and 30 this year, including 19 cases of illegal drug possession.

Road policing contributes to averting road accidents and in dealing with crime more generally, police said in an announcement.

In Cyprus, police have been implementing road policing since 2013 with the aim of dealing with crime more effectively through traffic patrols on the road network, the announcement added

According to the table made public on Sunday, road policing dealt with a total of 182 offences/ cases in the first 30 days of January.

There were five cases of illegal residents, 19 cases of drug possession, nine cases of illegal possession of weapons, three cases of possession of stolen property,  four cases of a stolen vehicle,  four cases of a wanted/missing person and 127 cases of warrants for fines. Another 11 cases were grouped as ‘other offences’.

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