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Number of COVID-19 cases drops as more people are vaccinated

As Cyprus National Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 is rolling, the number of cases drops and hospital indicators improve, according to data from April 26 until May 14, a press release issued on Sunday by the Health Ministry said.

A total of 324,573 individuals (43.9%) were vaccinated with the first dose until May 15, while 108,789 people (14.7%) have been fully vaccinated. From December 27, 2020 until May 15, 2021, 433,362 vaccinations were carried out, which amounts to 49.3 doses per 100 inhabitants.

The vaccination coverage percentage increases in each district, with Paphos ranking first with 46.6%. It is followed by Nicosia with 43.7%, Larnaca with 42.3%, Limassol with 41.7% and Famagusta with 40% (data until May 14, 2021).

As regards older people of whom vaccination coverage is over 80%, the number of COVID-19 cases remains steadily at very low levels since March, while the number of individuals being hospitalized has dropped drastically. At the same time, there is a gradual decrease in the number of cases and hospitalizations as regards the age group from 50 to 69 years old, as a significant number of citizens belonging to this group have been administered the first doze of the vaccine.

As it is noted, the advantages of vaccinations are evident as regards the age groups with an increased percentage of vaccination coverage. Moreover, the number of COVID-19 cases is very low for several weeks now as regards age groups that are considered to be more vulnerable, as older people.

There is also a gradual reduction or stabilization of the number of cases as regards other age groups as well as their vaccination proceeds.

According to the Health Ministry, the Vaccination Plan proceeds speedily, aiming to cover with at least the first dose of the vaccine 65% of the population within the first six months of 2021.

Cyprus completes on Monday the process of making available vaccination appointments for people who are 18 years old and over, sooner than the initial planning was.

Later on, the Vaccination Portal will be made available for various age groups, to give again the opportunity to people who have not arranged their appointments to do so.

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