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16 year old youth held for burglary, car theft in Limassol

A 16 year old boy is under arrest as police probe the theft of a car and a number of burglaries.

Police had on January 29 received a report of a burglary of a Limassol building and the theft of 100 euro as well as damage of 750 euro.

The 16 year old was driving on the Lefkara-Skarinou road yesterday when the car ended up in a ditch. He was not hurt, but was arrested on the basis of a pending arrest warrant in connection with the January 29 burglary.

It later emerged that the car he was driving belonged to a 74 year old permanent resident abroad.

Police said that during questioning the youth admitted that he had broken into the 74 year old’s house in Limassol on March 5 and stolen various items as well as the car.

Jewellery and 120 euro were found in the car and taken as evidence.

The youth tested negative for alcohol but positive for drugs.

Police said that he also admitted to four other burglaries and two other attempted burglaries between February and March 2019 in  Limassol.



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