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16 cases of sexual abuse under investigation

According to information of Phileleftheros, yesterday four women contacted the special unit that is investigating sexual harassment cases and expressed their wish to file a complain for sexual harassment either at work or elsewhere.

Spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, said that until yesterday 16 men and women had filed complains about similar cases. Three cases had to do with sports, in another two cases people of the church were involved, and he others had to do with one doctor, one politician, two Greek directors and others.

Investigations continue.  The case under investigation currently refers to the sexual harassment of a minor and his brother by a monk, during confession. The Police are now at the stage of taking statements about the case.

Moreover, developments are also expected about the case of the athlete Andri Eleftheriou and the complaint of a 32-year-old against a politician. Both cases are at the last stages of investigation.

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