NewsLocal1500 more hotels beds in operation in Paphos this winter

1500 more hotels beds in operation in Paphos this winter

There are 1,500 more hotel beds available in the Paphos district this winter, bringing the total to 11,650, the chairman of the local hotel association Thanos Michaelides said on Tuesday.

He told the Cyprus News Agency that the 11,650 beds cover the whole range of tourist accommodation, from five star hotels to holiday apartments.

This is nevertheless less than half the total 29,100 tourist beds registered in the district.

Last year, Paphos had 28,700 tourist beds of which 10,000 stayed open year round.

The aim is for as many units to remain open, but this does not mean that every hotelier can or wants to operate year-round, since there are establishments such as in the Polis Chrysochous area which cannot remain open because of their location, he added.

He expressed satisfaction with the occupancy rate in winter, which at 75% to 90%, was similar to last year’s.

Given that there are more beds available, this means that the seasonality problem is gradually being overcome.

Michaelides said there was keen interest among older visitors as well as regards sports tourism. But he noted that it was important to focus not only on occupancy rates but the quality of tourists and how much money they spent.

“If Paphos fails to increase revenue per tourist, this means that profitability will fall and it becomes all the more difficult to keep companies open,” he said.

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