NewsLocal150 complaints by students about harassment, violence

150 complaints by students about harassment, violence

Several students are facing problems considering that 150 complaints have been filed for general harassment and violence.

At the same time, regarding complaints about sexual harassment in sports, a Police spokesman said that the number is below 10.

It is important to note that spokesman from several services involved in these cases said they had no idea what was taking place regarding sexual harassment in sports and the only thing they knew was that athletes wanted to change teams, something that was not possible.

Women deputies criticized the fact that no effective measures were taken to protect athletes and stressed the fact that this has to take place even now. Another deputy apologized to the athletes noting that a complaint by known Greek athlete Bekatorou had to take place so that the society would be sensitized.

The President of the House Human Rights Committee said that the Committee is determined to monitor the issue closely.


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