NewsLocal110 booked for breaking lockdown overnight

110 booked for breaking lockdown overnight

Police booked 110 drivers and pedestrians for breaking the decree restricting movement after carrying out 3356 checks from 6 pm on Saturday to 6 am on Sunday.

Police also reported four premises found to be in violation of decrees to contain the spread of coronavirus.

More specifically the breakdown of police checks of pedestrians and drivers were:

Nicosia: 717 checks, 31 booked

Limassol: 872 checks, 50 booked

Larnaca: 289 checks, 5 booked

Paphos: 762 checks, 9 booked

Famagusta: 243 checks, 10 booked

Morphou: 360 checks, none booked

Police HQ traffic unit: 90 checks, 5 booked

MMAD: 23 checks, none booked

There were 779 checks on premises as follows:

Nicosia: 233 checks, 2 booked

Limassol: 7 checks, none booked

Larnaca: 65 checks, none booked

Paphos: 239 checks, 2 booked

Famagusta: 64 checks, none booked

Morphou: 171 checks, none booked



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