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100 ‘solidarity baskets’ from Nicosia Municipality

Nicosia Municipality has distributed 100 ‘solidarity baskets’ with basic items to people in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

It is also operating a ‘solidarity wall’ offering meals for those that need them.

Roula Georgopoulou, in charge of social policy and the municipality’s multi-purpose centre, told philenews the municipality was reaching out to help vulnerable groups of the population.

The baskets were distributed to the homes of the elderly who have no support structure, single parent families, families with many children, recipients of the minimum guaranteed income, the unemployed and self-employed individuals who cannot work because of the lockdown and who live within the municipality’s limits.

They were also given a €50 voucher to use in supermarkets, offered by the association ‘one dream, one wish.’

The solidarity wall is aimed primarily at migrants and people who do not have access to services. It offers food cooked on site.

The municipality also operates a support line and one for the elderly in cooperation with the Cyprus Red Cross and the team of the Commissioner for Volunteerism that supplies food and medicine.

Photos by Demetris Vattis

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