NewsLocal10 million euros from Covid-19 fines still not received

10 million euros from Covid-19 fines still not received

Fines for the violation of the measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, amounting to 10 million euros, have not so far been paid and it is expected that citizens will be summoned to Court.

According to a special report of the Republic’s Audit Office, released yesterday, from 24 March 2020 until 31 October 2021, 42,208 fines were issued for the amount of 13,657,851 euros. Out of these 16,251 fines amounting to 5,161,698 euros have been paid but the rest are still pending.

The Audit Office reached the conclusion that the more the checks increased the more the Covid-19 confirmed cases were reduced.

It is also ascertained that most checks were conducted in Nicosia and Limassol and the least in the district of Famagusta. However, when taking into consideration the population of each district, then the results are reversed and Famagusta appears as the district with most checks compared to its population.

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