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10 kgs of cannabis and half a kilo of cocaine found in possession of 20 year old man


The drug squad in Limassol discovered a large stash of cannabis and cocaine yesterday, arresting two men, 20 and 34 years old.

An amount of 10.6 kilograms of cannabis and almost half a kilogram of cocaine were found in the 20 year old’s apartment in the Limassol district.

Following a tip off, the drug squad had pulled over the two men in different areas of the city.

A small quantity of cannabis was found separately in both of their cars and they were subsequently arrested.

After a search in the 20 year olds’ apartment, the large stash was found, in addition to two scales with traces of cocaine and cannabis, as well as other evidence.

He was remanded in custody for eight days by the district court in Limassol, charged with possession with intent to sell. The 20 year old is refusing to cooperate with authorities.

He was placed in custody, while the 34 year old admitted to possession of 5 grams of cannabis, was charged in writing and released.

In Larnaca, a 24 year old was found in possession of a small quantity of crystal meth, after he was pulled over at one past midnight for violating covid-19 directives.

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