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10-12 patients to reference hospital every day

Recently, 10-12 patients of COVID-19 are admitted every day to the Famagusta General Hospital which is operating as a Reference establishment for coronavirus, Amalia Hatzigianni, scientific director of the General Hospitals of Larnaca – Famagusta, said.

She said that currently there are 62 persons at the Hospital, four of who are in the Increased Care Unit since they need to be more closely monitored.

She noted that the patients are agent from 33 to 70 and most of them do not have underlying conditions. She explained that all patients receive the same medicines but their treatment depends on their health condition.

Asked whether the situation at Famagusta Hospital is manageable, she said that so far it is. She noted that the Reference Hospital has the necessary staff and equipment but patients increase and officials should pay attention to this.

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