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0% tariffs on halloumi imports to UK in event of no-deal Brexit

Halloumi will have tariff-free access to the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit, Commerce Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis has told Phileleftheros.

Under the tariff plan for a no-deal Brexit that would last for up to 12 months announced by the British government on Wednesday, 87% of total imports to the United Kingdom by value would be eligible for tariff-free access, up from 80% now.

Lakkotrypis told the newspaper that halloumi was among the products that would be exempt from tariffs. However it remains unclear whether the UK market would also open up to halloumi from other countries in the event the EU trademark is not converted into a British trademark, Phileleftheros said.

This is expected to clarify in contacts between the governments of the Republic of Cyprus and of the United Kingdom.

Phileleftheros said that after the halloumi trademark was cancelled in the UK, the EU trademark remains in force throughout the EU, including in the UK, pending its withdrawal from the EU.

This means Cyprus currently retains the right to protect halloumi in the UK against trademark violations.

In the event of an orderly Brexit with a withdrawal agreement there is a provision that all already registered EU trademarks are automatically converted into UK trademarks with the same registration date.

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