NewsLocalΒοrder Xpress Kiosks installed at Cyprus airports

Βοrder Xpress Kiosks installed at Cyprus airports

Eighty Border Xpress Kiosks were installed at the airports in Larnaka and Paphos, the Transport Ministry announced on Friday.
The project has a budget of €1,641,934, and is co-financed by 75% by the EU and by 25% by the Cyprus government. The total budget to implement the project amounts to €3,017,920, including the contribution of Hermes Airports Ltd.

The Ministry said that the aim is to safeguard a high level of security in the EU and to accommodate legal movement in the framework of a consistent system that will provide for security in the external borders.

Inbound and outbound passengers from EU countries, the UK and the European Economic Area will go through the checks and as the Ministry notes, long lines will be avoided especially in high passenger traffic periods.

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