NewsWorldUS Covid-19 toll nears 100 thousand-'They were us'

US Covid-19 toll nears 100 thousand-‘They were us’


A tragically captivating front page article in the New York Times,  simply and poignantly captures-just through the names of the victims- the devastating run of the coronavirus in the US, still killing more than a thousand people every 24 hours. The death toll is almost 99 thousand with 1.7 million new cases. Thousands are in critical condition.

As the death toll is sure to reach the 100 thousand milestone tomorrow, it is certainly a story of paradoxes, with all states relaxing restrictions and allowing people to go back to work, as the blow to the economy has hit Great Recession figures.

Even yesterday, President Trump was putting pressure on states to reopen churches for service, saying that he will override their powers, even they do not continue steps towards normality.

It is a front page piece that speaks volumes about the dilemmas facing American authorities and citizens, who want to carry on with their lives, but do not really see and end to the outbreak, for the time being at least.


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