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UN Spokesman caught off guard when asked about Turkey’s ‘chaotic actions’

UN Secretary General’s Spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric, on Monday was caught off guard when a foreign correspondent asked for a comment on the Turkish President “creating chaos everywhere in the world”.

Ray Bouchefra, correspondent of the UAE based SkyNews Arabia, said: “I’m going to talk about the part of the world, which is northern Syria, part of Iraq, Libya, Cyprus, Greece, Eastern Mediterranean and now the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

“And I will ask: Don’t you think as United Nations, that President [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan of Turkey is creating chaos everywhere in the world? I mean, all these countries are complaining against him. I mean, any comment on that?.”

The UN Spokesman told the correspondent that he was linking situations that may or may not be linked to each other.

“What we call for is international cooperation around established talks that are already in place for certain countries. There are different formulas. Whether it`s in Syria or in Libya, it’s around UN‑led talks,” Dujarric said.

“In Azerbaijan and Nagorno‑Karabakh conflict area, it’s with the OSCE in the lead. So, I will leave the analysis to the analysts,” he added.

However, the journalist insisted that the way Turkey is moving foreign fighters to Libya is the same way they are moving them in Azerbaijan.

And the Spokesman just declined to comment, only saying: “I’m not going to comment further than what I’ve already said.”

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