NewsWorldUK's Johnson apologises for mistake on Pincher appointment

UK’s Johnson apologises for mistake on Pincher appointment

With a gathering storm over his leadership, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday (July 5) apologised and said he had made a mistake by not realizing that former whip Chris Pincher was unsuitable for a job in government after complaints of sexual misconduct were made against him.

“In hindsight, it was the wrong thing to do. I apologize to everyone who’s been badly affected by it,” Johnson told broadcasters.

“I just want to make absolutely clear that there’s no place in this government for anybody who is predatory or who abuses their position of power,” Johnson said.

In the interview, Johnson did not deny having used the phrase “Pincher by name, pincher by nature” previously, saying that while there was there were rumours and innuendo, the complaint he had been made aware of had been cleared up.

“What I wanted was to give Chris Pincher, if not the benefit of the doubt, then the ability to prove that he could do better,” he said, adding “I’m afraid that he couldn’t and I feel very, very bitterly disappointed, but also sorry for the mistake I made.”

Johnson’s finance and health ministers resigned on Tuesday in what could spell the end for his premiership.

Both finance minister Rishi Sunak and health minister Sajid Javid sent resignation letters within minutes of each other to the Prime Minister, in which both took aim at his ability to run an administration that adhered to standards.


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