NewsWorldUK's Boris Johnson bows out to lawmakers' applause

UK’s Boris Johnson bows out to lawmakers’ applause

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received a round of applause from members of his Conservative Party after he finished addressing parliament at his last appearance during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday (July 20).

“We’ve helped, I’ve helped, get this country through a pandemic and help save another country from barbarism. And frankly, that’s enough to be going on. Mission largely accomplished,” Johnson said.

“I want to thank everybody here and hasta la vista, baby.”

Johnson was forced to resign this month after he dramatically lost the support of his lawmakers following months of scandals, including breaches of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown rules.

The final two in the race to replace Johnson will be selected on Wednesday, the penultimate chapter in a divisive battle that is too close to call between the three remaining candidates.

The former finance minister Rishi Sunak, foreign secretary Liz Truss and junior trade minister Penny Mordaunt remain in the contest with the field to be narrowed down to two at 4 p.m. (1500 GMT) following a vote by Conservative Party lawmakers.

The last two candidates will then battle for the support of the roughly 200,000 party members with the winner, announced on Sept. 5, automatically becoming prime minister because the Conservatives hold the largest number of seats in parliament.


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