NewsWorldTurkey's Erdogan arrives in Tehran for talks with Russia's Putin, Iran's Raisi

Turkey’s Erdogan arrives in Tehran for talks with Russia’s Putin, Iran’s Raisi

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrived in Tehran in the early hours of Tuesday (July 19), ahead of talks with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Erdogan and Putin will meet in Tehran to discuss a deal aimed at resuming Ukraine’s Black Sea grain exports, and Erdogan’s threat to launch another operation in northern Syria which Moscow opposes.

In Syria, Russia and Iran prevailed in their support for President Bashar al-Assad against the West, which called repeatedly for him to be toppled since the Syrian civil war began in 2011.

Talks with Erdogan will focus on a plan to get Ukrainian grain exports moving again and Turkey’s threat to launch new military operations in Syria to extend 30-km (20-mile) deep “safe zones” along the border,

“Discussions with Putin will focus on grains, Syria and Ukraine,” said a senior Turkish official who requested anonymity. “The talks will try to solve the issues on grain exports.”

Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the United Nations are expected to sign a deal later this week aimed at resuming the shipping of grain from Ukraine across the Black Sea.


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