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Turkey: “We lowered all flags from the rocks & sent videos to Greece”

Yigit Bulut, the head adviser to the Turkish President provokes once again by saying that “it would be a shame for us to wage war on Greece for ‘technical reasons’. It would be like an adult beating a child cradle”.

He claimed that members of the Turkish Special Forces did not lower just one a flag, as Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, but they have “lowered the flags” in one night “all the flags from the disputed rocky islands”. He also argued that the Turkish operation was also recorded in a video which was then sent to the Greek government.

Finally, according to the journalist Abdullah Bozhurt, Bulut accused the Greek ministers of being “anti-Islamists and anti-Turks”. Bulut, finally warned Greece that “will pay a heavy price if it does not change its behavior”.


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