NewsWorldTsipras demands that PM brief parliament on Turkey

Tsipras demands that PM brief parliament on Turkey

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, main opposition SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras called on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to officially brief the Greek nation and the political party leaders on the latest developments concerning Turkey.

He accused Mitsotakis of acting to “divide the Greek people even at a crucial moment for our national interests.”

“Since noon yesterday, the entire Turkish fleet has come out into the southeast Aegean. More than 40 Turkish warships are south of Rhodes and west of Kastellorizo clearly there to operate supportively for the explorations of the Turkish survey vessel Oruc Reis, which were announced in a Navtex of the Turkish side in an area of the Greek continental shelf. Not in disputed waters,” Tsipras said.

He also accused the government of carrying on as usual, as if nothing were happening.

Tsipras noted that, since Tuesday, the defence ministry has been broadcasting alert warnings throughout the day and all the media are flooded with press leaks but the Greek people and political parties have no official information.

A level-headed approach, he added, called for the convening the Government Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence (KYSEA) in the presence of the chief of the armed forces, the PM and the ministers responsible to coordinate the country’s operational plan.

Tsipras also questioned the message being sent to the other side by the government’s behaviour.

He urged the prime minister, albeit at the last minute “to act with seriousness and responsibility and to brief parliament”.

He also asked for KYSEA to convene and for an emergency meeting of the European Council regarding sanctions against Turkey for “its constant and repeated provocative behaviour in contravention of international law.”



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