NewsWorld'Three Thousand Years of Longing' stars walk red carpet

‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ stars walk red carpet

Cast members Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton hit the red carpet in the evening.

Directed by George Miller, best known for his dystopian “Mad Max” franchise, the film stars Tilda Swinton as a scholar named Alithea who, on a trip to Turkey, discovers a strange vial she decides to keep as a memento.

The vial is home to a powerful Djinn, played by Idris Elba, who allows Swinton’s character three wishes. But Swinton, as a scholar of story and mythology, thinks that every wish story ends in disaster, so the Djinn has to convince her by telling her fantastical stories about the past.

‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ is set to go on release in the United States on August 31.


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