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Spa uses thermal water to help recovering Covid patients

A thermal baths spa in the city of Pisa, where a day to unwind and relaxation is not possible due to Covid restrictions, is using its thermal water to treat recovering coronavirus patients who are having respiratory and motion difficulties.

A physiotherapy rehabilitation centre has always been a part of the Casciana spa, but its directors realised the thermal water had qualities that were ideal for helping people who had suffered with bad side affects of Covid.

“The idea came from observing patients who had coronavirus. We particularly noticed that patients who decided to come to our rehabilitation centre or hydrotherapy inhalation treatment centre told us that after a course of treatment, there were positive results,” said the rehabilitation centre’s manager Eduardo Falzone.

On Wednesday (February 23), a young male recovering from the virus and struggling with movement was being treated by a physiotherapist in one of the spa’s thermal water pools, where the room itself had high humidity due to the hot temperature of the water.

The thermal water is filtered into respirator masks, which the patients use to practice breathing in a hydrotherapy inhalation treatment centre. The thermal water helps to purify the respiratory system.

“The thermal water resource is a fundamental element for the recovery of joints and the respiratory system, and history has shown us over the centuries that spas have had this function,” Falzone said.

The physiotherapists and doctors at the spa also offer other services for the recovering Covid patients, including massage and exercises to help rehabilitate movement.

Although the luxury areas have been closed to the public due to Covid restrictions, the physiotherapy rehabilitation centre has always remained open, even during lockdown.


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