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Scotland mum asks Twitter to cheer up her daughter with pet photos, receives 60,000 replies

A professor at the University of St Andrews in Scotland told Twitter on Tuesday that March 18 is her daughter Rosie’s 5th birthday, but her husband has a fever so the whole family has to self-quarantine for two weeks, therefore they had to cancel her birthday party and keep grandparents away.

“Could you send her some pics of your dogs (or animals generally) to cheer her up?” she then asked Twitter users.

Comments flooded in from all over the world with users sending photos, videos and GIFs of their dogs, cats, hamsters, goats, rabbits, cows and more, together with heartwarming messages wishing Rosie a happy birthday.

So far the post has received around 60,000 comments, 95,000 likes and has been re-tweeted more than 14,000 times.

The mum has posted on Twitter saying “Thank you SO much to everyone who sent pictures and good wishes for my little girl’s birthday! We’re overwhelmed by your kindness. The animals have given us hours of fun and made us feel much less alone. I’m sorry I can’t thank/‘like’ you all individually. Twitter, you amaze me!”

You can leave your comments and/or photos of your furry friends too to cheer Rosie up on her birthday via the original post below:

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