NewsWorldRisk of dangerous blood clots linked to moderate Covid-19

Risk of dangerous blood clots linked to moderate Covid-19

A European study has found an elevated risk of a life-threatening blood clot called venous thromboembolism (VTE) in COVID-19 patients who were not critically ill.

The blood clot risk had previously been associated with severe COVID-19, Reuters reports.

The researchers tracked 2,292 patients who came to hospital emergency rooms with mild or moderate COVID-19 but without VTE.

Four weeks later, VTE had developed in roughly 1 of every 200 mildly ill patients who had not been hospitalized and nearly 5 of every 200 moderately ill patients overall.

This is what the researchers reported on Friday in Thrombosis Research

They concluded that doctors caring for mildly and moderately ill COVID-19 patients need to be aware of these risks, “especially in patients with moderate COVID-19 requiring hospitalization.”

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