NewsWorldRare albino jaguarundi cub rescued in Colombia

Rare albino jaguarundi cub rescued in Colombia

A rare albino jaguarundi cub has been rescued in Colombia, with vets working around the clock to bring it to good health.

The rare female species was discovered in the Aburra Valley metropolitan area in northwestern Colombia and is the first case of an albino jaguarundi reported in Colombia.

According to officials, due to the cub’s albinism survival in the wild is limited. “Therefore, the only alternative for it is to end his life in a park such as this,” Madrid said.

After receiving primary medical attention, the rare wild cat will be transferred to a conservation park in Medellin.

Jaguarundis are a type of puma native to North and South America. They are solitary animals who only meet fellow jaguarundis when mating.

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