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On This Day: Trial of Nov.17 starts in one of most sensational cases in Greek history

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on March 3:

1918 – Germany and its allies signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Russia, ending hostilities between them in World War One.

1931 – “The Star-Spangled Banner” was adopted as the U.S. national anthem.

1959 – Lou Costello, U.S. actor who with Bud Abbott made up the comedy duo Abbott and Costello, died.

1991 – Amateur video captures LA police officers beating Rodney King.

1996 – French writer Marguerite Duras died. Among her best-known works was the screenplay for “Hiroshima Mon Amour”.

2002 – Swiss voters abandoned centuries of political isolationism and narrowly agreed that their staunchly neutral country should join the United Nations.

2003 – Greece started the trial of 19 suspected Nov. 17 guerrillas in an Athens prison in one of the most sensational cases in the country’s history. Fifteen of the defendants were later found guilty of some 2,500 crimes. The four others were acquitted.

2007 – George W. Bush tours tornado damage at Alabama high school.

2009 – A dozen gunmen attacked Sri Lanka’s cricket team with rifles, grenades and rockets, wounding six players and a British coach and killing at least eight Pakistanis in Lahore.

2013 – Berliners protest against demolition of remaining Berlin Wall section.

2017 – Nintendo launches Switch games console.


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