NewsWorldOn This Day: Bob Marley died at 36

On This Day: Bob Marley died at 36

Following are some of the major events to have occurred on May 11:

1943 – U.S. amphibious forces landed on Attu in the Aleutians, the first American territory to be recaptured from the Japanese.

1949 – Israel admitted to the United Nations.

1981 – Bob Marley, Jamaican-born singer who with his group The Wailers popularised reggae, died of cancer.

1996 – A ValuJet Airlines DC-9 crashed in the swampy Everglades near Miami International Airport, killing 110.

1997 – Garry Kasparov was defeated at chess by the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue — the first time a machine had triumphed over a reigning world champion.

1998 – The first euro coin to be minted came off the presses in France.

1998 – India conducted three underground nuclear tests, bringing worldwide condemnation and heightened tension with Pakistan.

2000 – India welcomed its billionth citizen when a baby girl was born at Delhi’s state-run Safdarjang Hospital.

2008 – Nepali police detained 562 Tibetan women at an anti-China rally in Kathmandu, the first all-women protest against Chinese rule in their homeland.

2011 – Fatal earthquake hits historic buildings in Lorca, Spain.

2016 – Washington Nationals starting pitcher Max Scherzer strikes out a record 20 batters.


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