NewsWorldMexican coastal town braces for fast-churning Hurricane Agatha

Mexican coastal town braces for fast-churning Hurricane Agatha

Locals and tourists in Mexican coastal town of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca are bracing for the season’s first hurricane on Monday (May 30), as it churns in the Pacific.

Hurricane Agatha is expected to hit the coast on Monday (May 30) afternoon.

Locals were seen removing boats away from the coast and protecting buildings from possible damage.

“Thank God we still have time and, as you can see, our colleagues are working to protect the boats. We beg God for the hurricane not to be so strong,” fisherman Rene Hernandez told Reuters.

Experts expect a category 2 hurricane with wind speeds ranging from 170 km (105 miles) per hour to 360 km (223 miles) per hour, according to Oaxaca State Civil Protection.

Over 5,200 tourists remain in Puerto Escondido while some others decided to abandon the area and move to safer regions.

More than 80 towns are at risk of floods and landslides, Civil Protection authorities has informed.

Agatha is expected to also have an impact on Oaxaca’s mountain areas, raising water levels in rivers such as Verde, Los Perros, Espiritu Santo, Ostuta and Copalita.

Winds and storm are expected to dissipate by Wednesday (June 1).


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