NewsWorldLondon mayor calls for second Brexit vote

London mayor calls for second Brexit vote

London mayor Sadiq Khan has called for a second EU referendum. More specifically, the Labour politician criticised the government’s handling of Brexit negotiations with the EU, and with his recent text in the Observer, he stated that the UK now faces either a ‘bad deal’ or ‘no deal’.

With time running out for the British government to negotiate a final deal with the EU before March 2019, Khan said the UK was left with two ‘incredibly risky’ scenarios.

‘Both these possibilities are a million miles from what was promised during the referendum campaign, only further exposing the lies and mistruths sold to the public. I don’t believe Theresa May has the mandate to gamble so flagrantly with the British economy and people’s livelihoods’, he added.

On her part, PM Theresa May has said a second vote would be a ‘betrayal of our democracy’.



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