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Largest white diamond to ever come to auction sold for $21.8 million in Geneva

A 228.31-carat white diamond called ‘The Rock’, the largest ever seen throughout auction market history, was sold for 21.8 million US dollars at an auction on Wednesday (May 11).

The white gemstone was mined and polished in South Africa over two decades ago.

The sale was started at 14 million Swiss francs ($14.1 million) to quickly reach 18.6 Swiss francs. With the auction house commission, the succesful bidder bought the stone for a total of 21.863.033 US dollars.

Another remarkable diamond was also sold during the auction, the ‘Red Cross’, a historically important fancy intense yellow, cushion-shaped 205.07 carat diamond, which went off for 14.2 Swiss francs ($14.3 million). Part of the proceeds from the sale of the ‘Red Cross’ will go to the International Red Cross.


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