NewsWorldHundreds of protesters demand climate protection from G7 leaders

Hundreds of protesters demand climate protection from G7 leaders

Anti-G7 protests took place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen this Sunday (June 26), the same day as the start of the summit. Leaders of seven of the world’s most advanced economies are meeting for their annual three day summit in Castle Elmau in Southern Germany. Protestors called upon the leaders to do more against climate change.

“I’m protesting here today for climate justice and for the right decisions to be made so that I have a future and that our earth is not fucked up completely,” said Theresa Stöckl, one of the protesters.

Protester Erich Utz said that the young people have generally been excluded from any decision-making. “I’m 17 years old – there are people sitting there who are four times my age, discussing my future without asking any young people what we want even once,” he said. “It simply cannot be that the richest seven countries in the world sit there and we, young people, are simply consistently excluded.”

Police Spokeswoman, Carolin Englert, shared that the initial figures showed that only 250 of registered 1,000 participants took part in Sunday’s protests. “However, I assume that there are more by now,” she added.

Over 18,000 police officers are on duty to ensure the security of the summit. 4000 people attended demonstrations against the summit on Saturday (June 25) in nearby Munich, the protests remained largely peaceful.


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